Free Online Contact Tracing

100% Secure Compliant Free to all platform is up and running. In the next few days we'll be making refinements.

As announcements are made around the NZ Government Contact Tracing Protocols we'll update the platform and this site.

How it works for your Business

If you have contact tracing requirements (or a desire) Duckin has a solution that only takes 2 minutes and you'll be able to generate QR codes to print.

It's simple, it's free & it's secure.

We will supply you PDFs to print. As many as you need. Simply produce these and display them in any location required. Direct customers and other visitors to scan your QR code.

When your QR code is scanned (link to a quick tutorial popup) the user is prompted to enter the required information. For most visitors/customers this is just Name and Phone number. It takes less time than sending a text message and most phones auto-complete the information.


Quick & easy online sign up. Get started straight away.


Browse, assign & print your specific QR codes.


Display where you want your signage scanned.

How it works for your Visitors

When your Customer / Visitor walks in the front door, they're encouraged to scan your QR code with their phone. Easily done by opening the camera or browser on their phone.

They fill out required details and checkin. They will get a confirmation screen, which can be checked.

On the next visit the phone being used remembers the last session and it's even quicker this time.

More questions?

Web Based

There are no app downloads

It's Secure

No Signup Process

For your customers and visitors


Duckin is a product of The PAC Group and has been developed during Covid 19 Lockdown Levels 3 and 4.

And it's provided truly free. Please see our Security and Privacy Statement.

Further development on this platform will be undertaken as long as it is needed and custom built solutions are available from The Pac Group.

We developed Duckin to provide a simple to use Contact Tracing Platform for anyone needing to meet contract tracing requirements for themselves and for products they wish to sell.

You are encouraged to take all output from this site (QR codes, formatting and signage templates) and use it for your own purposes, however you see fit. As long as all QR codes are copied, as supplied, they will work with our system and you can produce signage and messaging that uses the Duckin platform for contact tracing.

If you need help in producing signage, please support your local printers & signwriters.


Pre-printed sticker packs, signs and other Essentials are available for purchase on our site (when generating QR codes). We do make some money on these products which goes to hosting fees and appreciate any purchase you make.

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